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The Tapping Club for Entrepreneurs | taught by Kay Bayly
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Kay  Bayly
Kay Bayly

About the Instructor

Kay Bayly is a multi-talented coach, speaker and educator with a vivid collection of life experience and skills to share with her clients.

Are you ready to clear your money blocks?

Do you want to develop a consistent, effective tapping practice that can help you to grow your money mindset?

Welcome to Mind Matters:

The tapping club for entrepreneurs

This membership program will help you to identify and clear your emotional and energetic money blocks, using the power of:

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT, also known as tapping, is a PROVEN modality to remove the emotional charge beneath our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

By tuning into your beliefs about different aspects of MONEY, you can uncover and clear those money blocks that may be holding you back.

About Kay Bayly

Kay Bayly is a money and mindset mentor for heart centered and passion fuelled women entrepreneurs who want to create a business and life on their own terms. Using the power of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or commonly known as tapping) she helps you to rewire your thought patterns, remove limiting beliefs and create success and money beyond imagination.

She has been a Personal trainer for over a decade (Food, money or health – Mindset helps with everything), has run several profitable businesses and currently pitches in her family building development company as well.

When she is not changing lives and businesses with tapping, you can find her stand-up paddle boarding in the waters of Raby Bay or chilling out with her husband and 8 kids.

This is a POWERFUL modality, and this program is COMPREHENSIVE in its approach to using EFT to create abundance.

It's not just a tapping program, it's a CLUB! We will work together to continuously increase your energetic income level, your abundance and your money mindset.

Tapping along to someone else on video, whilst helpful, misses out on the TRUE power and effectiveness of EFT.

Your words. Your beliefs. Your scripts. YOUR mindset.

Are you READY to create a new level of abundance and financial freedom for yourself?

Join Mind Matters: the tapping club for entrepreneurs, today!

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Course Contents

26 Videos
2 Texts