EFT for Entrepreneurs

Tap your way to a new money mindset level | taught by Kay Bayly
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Kay  Bayly
Kay Bayly

About the Instructor

Kay Bayly is a multi-talented coach, speaker and educator with a vivid collection of life experience and skills to share with her clients.


Are you READY to raise your energetic income level?

Are you CURIOUS about the power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to assist with your money mindset... and want to learn in a safe, supported space?

This high-touch, supported group program is the PERFECT introduction to EFT for entrepreneurs. With a focus on money mindset, but applications in so many other areas of your business and life, it's a gorgeous investment in UPGRADING.

Through the combination of self-study videos and live group sessions, Kay Bayly will help you to achieve your income goals, up-level your money mindset, and develop your EFT practice so that you have another tool in your arsenal against the dreaded money blocks.

Are you ready? Let's up-level. Together.

Course Contents

6 Videos
4 Texts
7 PDFs